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Agami Records

Here you can find all the information from Agami Records Label, the Releases from several artists that have colaborated, Sample Packs that have ben collected and Podcasts about Art, Sustainability and other Projects that are defining the future of the world


We have created a database of all the Artists and Labels that make part of this huge family that is envisioning a better future for the world and mankind through Music. This is the House of several Genres like Chill Out, Downtempo, Tribal, Medicine Music, Sacred Sound, Dub, Trance, Experimental, Ethnic, World, among others. Ambient


Here you can find archives of news and posts that fuel most of Agami's social media and live content. We cover several artists and labels in our "Tribe" section. The "Songs of Peace and Unity" section is a curated selection of shared songs from this beautiful world tribe. The "Artivist & Activist" section is where we post non-music related content about people and projects that help to create beauty and elevate human consciousness.

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Loli Cosmica – Por Todo El Tiempo
1. Por Todo El Tiempo

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Agami Seeds of Light is is a sub-branch of Agami records.

This section is focused on building communities around specific social and environmental initiatives called SEEDS. Each SEED has a different theme and a different group of community members who are listed and displayed on the SOL map.

Click Seed of Light logo below to reach the SOL website